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In the year 2011, PRO celebrated already 20th anniversary of its creation. The years 1991-1992 was a period of establishing the Company as well as of design and implementation works of bubble levels and traversing rules. These products, in a short time, have contributed to a fast development of the company, and "red" bubble level by PRO has become the symbol of high quality. The Board of Directors of PRO from the very beginning has been executing the "Quality and Development" program, through continuous investments in new technologies, modernization of products and introduction of innovative measuring tools. The care for obtaining and keeping the quality of products, satisfying the defined and expected needs of the Customers, has resulted in the need to proceed from the traditional "quality control" to quality management in all organizational units of the company. This process was completed in 1999, introducing the Quality System according to standard PN-ISO 9002. In 2003, as a continuation of applying the Quality System, Integrated Management System was introduced – PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 14001, PN-N-18001.


In the days of economic development, the care for minimizing adverse environmental impact of the industry has become extremely important. For this reason, PRO, as a company aware of the need to preserve the natural environment of our planet, introduced Environmental Management System PN-EN ISO 14001. Its efforts in this respect were appreciated in 2004, when the Polish Center for Research and Certification awarded to the Company the Pantheon of Polish Ecology.

Consistency in the use of the Quality System has brought to PRO a number of honorable mentions and awards in competitions of the Silesian Quality Award and of the Polish Quality Award.

A report on granting the honorable mention in the 3rd edition of the competition for the Silesian Quality Award (2001).


Victory in the Category of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises in the 4th edition of the Silesian Quality Award (2002).

Victory in the Category of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises in the 9th Edition of the Polish Quality Award (2003).

The manner of business management, continuous technological development, as well as quality and innovation of products by PRO have been appreciated many times in various kinds of competitions, and the Company has been awarded with a number of honorable mentions and laurels. It is important both for the executives of the Company as well as for its employees, as a form of appreciation of their involvement in the business development. Maintenance of high quality of bubble levels and staffs and rules is possible as a result of continuous modernization of machinery stock and processes of calibration of measuring elements. PRO, as the first on the Polish market, has introduced a digital position of calibration of protractors, obtaining the highest accuracy of indications.


5th edition of the competition for the European Medal (2002)




Gold Medal for the bubble level PERFEKT (PRO900) at the International Construction Fair BUDMA 2003.

                     Honorable mention in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises in the competition of the Mayor of Bielsko-Biała (2004).

A 20-year-old history of PRO covers not only changes in the way of management and production technology, but also in the image of the company. Changes have been introduced in the system of the Visual Identification, in order to comply with the modern trends in marketing.


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