Kneepads BN-490

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Kneepads BN-490Kneepads BN-490


  • Gel pads
  • Material: GEL Pad PVC / EVA footbed neoprene / polyester 600D.
  • Filled with foam lined with a durable nylon.
  • Large surface of kneepad
  • Weight: 530 g

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Description and specifications

We offer the highest quality kneepads. They are ideal for commercial and industrial using.
  •   Professional, reliable and durable gel kneepads.
  •   Designed to protect the knee during tasks requiring long kneeling.
  •   For professional using in the construction industry and crafts.
  •   For the tile, roofers, pavers, workshop also in house and garden.
  •   Gel pads provide excellent protection of the knees and the highest comfort.
  •   Large-area of kneepad protects bones and knees and spread pressure on a larger area.
  •   Flexible and durable Velcro fixing of kneepads ensure their localization on the proper place.
  •   Profile of kneepad allows safe operation in a sitting position with the support of body weight on your heels. This will prevent the user from problems with the spine.
  •   Filled with foam lined with a durable nylon.
The protection is limited to the isolation of the knee from direct contact with the moist, cold or rough surface. The product may be used only by adults. Knee pads do not protect against the effects of shock, frost, from contact with hot objects (above 50°C), mechanical spatter, etc. They can be used as a means of protection while playing sports (cycling, skating, skating, skiing, etc.)
  •   Material: GEL Pad PVC / EVA footbed neoprene / polyester 600D.
  •   Weight: 530 g
  •   A pair (2 pieces).
Catalogue number 3-01-13-01-002


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