Stucco trowels BK 007 - 010

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BK 007 - 010
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Stucco trowels BK 007 - 010


  • Stucco trowels stucco.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Refined plated cap.
  • Correct positioning of the cap relative to the tabletop.

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Description and specifications

Trowels are building tools for the application and distribution of mortars. They can also be use to impose plastering mortar. Among them there are trowels triangular, trapezoidal and stucco, designed for specialized, precision work, such as leaching or filling joints in bricks. 
PRO trowels are made of hardened steel and stainless steel of the highest quality. They have a refined plated cap. Guarantees a perfect weld molded, closed connection between the top and handle for maximum loads and unlimited life. Optimal functionality, in turn, ensures the correct positioning of the cap relative to the tabletop. 
Trowels are manufactured in accordance with DIN 6440, DIN 6441, DIN 6397 and DIN 7253. 
3-01-07-01-007 two-component 100 x 60 mm 0,7 mm
3-01-07-01-008 two-component 110 x 80 mm 0,7 mm
3-01-07-01-009 two-component 120 x 100 mm 0,7 mm
3-01-07-01-010 two-component 120 x 120 mm 0,7 mm
Stucco trowels BK 007 - 010 are made of stainless steel.