Plastering floats BP 110, BP 113

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BP 110, BP 113
Description and specifications
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Plastering floats BP 110, BP 113Plastering floats BP 110, BP 113


  • Plastering floats
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Two - component or wooden handle
  • Thickness of the tabletop 0,7 mm

Description and specifications

Building Floats are construction tools and their purpose is grinding, smoothing, overlapping and blurring of plaster, plasters, mortars and adhesives.
Smooth floats with metal worktop are suitable for smooth plaster application (for example glues for carpet, non-woven, cork floors, insulation). We offer floats of stainless steel worktop with two - component or wooden handle.
Gears floats are used for applying adhesives and spreading the floor and wall coverings, as well as plates and tiles. Sizes teeth 6 x 6, 8 x 8 or 10 x 10 mm depending on the size of the plates and the tiles. Size of 6 x 6 for smaller plates, a 10 x 10 for a large plates of side length above 30 cm.
Floats with a backing of special rubber or sponge are suitable for tiling work, you can also use them for plastering.
Floats are manufactured in accordance with DIN 6440, DIN 6441, DIN 6397 and DIN 7253.
To complete stainless floats we use stainless steel 4310. The floats of the material are made of ABS (amorphous material with high impact resistance, hardness and scratch resistance).  
3-01-01-110 wood 380 x 130 mm 0,7 mm
3-01-01-113 wood 480 x 130 mm  0,7 mm
Floats BP 110 and BP 113 are made of stainless steel.
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