Cross-line laser SMART 1.1 HD

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Cross-line laser SMART 1.1 HDCross-line laser SMART 1.1 HDCross-line laser SMART 1.1 HD


  • Continuous pulse mode for working with the detector.
  • Separate horizontal and vertical beams.
  • 1/4’’ thread and 5/8’’ made of brass.

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Description and specifications

  • Cross laser SMART 1.1 HD PLUS (HEAVY DUTY) generates one horizontal beam and one vertical beam which intersect at a right angle
  • Continuous working with a laser beam detector mode, which increases the range of the laser
  • Thanks to 20mW diodes generates very bright and visible lines
  • Possibility of determining haunches
  • Self-levelling thanks to automatic amortisation of the compensator
  • Going outside of working range (4º ±1º) is indicated by warning mode and flickering of the lines
  • Body and slide are covered with a non-slip and impact-resistant rubber
  • Equipped with thread 1/4'’ (laser) and 5/8’’
  • Water and dust resistant – tightness class IP54
  • Resistant to impact and falling (up to 1m)
  • Equipped with a universal, rotatable, magnetic base with a hook fixed to the wall and brass threads 1/4’’ and 5/8’’
  • Easy to install on a tripod or a pole with 1/4’’ or 5/8’’ threads