Pocket bubble level

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Pocket bubble levelPocket bubble levelPocket bubble levelPocket bubble level


  • Very small - only 17 cm
  • On a rectangular profile from aluminum alloy
  • Surface of the profile is anodized
  • Protractor of level – EASY READING
  • Protractor of perpendicular
  • Magnets
  • Measurement accuracy of 0.5 mm/m = 0.029°

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Description and specifications

A professional, handy bubble level built on a rectangular profile from aluminum alloy, of increased resistance to changes in temperatures and humidity. Surface of the profile is anodized.

The bubble level has been equipped with an innovative protractor of level "EASY READING" with measurement accuracy of 0.5 mm/m = 0.029°, which has replaced the traditional cube-shaped protractor. Especially designed oval shape of the protractor enables reading of the location of bubble, regardless of visual angle, and hence ensures a fast and easy reading. Additionally, the effect of magnifying glass has been obtained, thanks to which the bubble is greater than in the previous protractor. The new protractor and the masking frame itself have been deprived of sharp sides, which allows easy cleaning of the tool from any dirt.

Equipment of the level:

    Protractor of level – EASY READING.
    Protractor of perpendicular.
    Neodymium magnet (quantity of magnets depends on the length of the bubble level).

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