Micrometer PM-01

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3-01-05-E1-701, 702
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Micrometer PM-01Micrometer PM-01Micrometer PM-01Micrometer PM-01Micrometer PM-01


  • Precision micrometer screw with a stroke of 0,5 mm.
  • Painted body.
  • Wrought arch.
  • Matte chrome graduation.

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Description and specifications

Micrometer is a measuring instrument used to measure objects with a resolution of 0.01 mm. The main part of the micrometer is a precision micrometer screw with a stroke of 0.5 mm and the 25 mm or 50 mm.
Micrometer measurement is based on the using of a micrometer screw and a vernier. Micrometer screw is very precisely made. It has a thread stroke of 0.5 mm and is connected to the micrometer drum, on the circumference of which is engraved on the vernier scale. Dial providing an adequate, constant pressure jaw is connected to the drum via a micrometer ratchet clutch. Inadequate pressure causes significant measurement inaccuracies.
Jaws micrometer:
  • Hammer - which is part of the jaw has bail.
  • Spindle - which is an extension of jaw micrometers.
PM - 01
  • Painted body.
  • Wrought arch.
  • Matte chrome graduation.
  • Hardened spindle.
  • Carefully lapped carbide measuring.
  • Coupling sleeve and down the lever.
  • Resolution 0.01 mm.
  • Accuracy of ± 0.004 mm.
  • Design with precision tolerances to DIN 863/1.
Range [mm]  0 - 25 25-50
Catalogue number
3-01-05-E1-701 3-01-05-E1-702