Universal cutter PR-92-02

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Universal cutter PR-92-02


  • Universal cutter.
  • Cover – made of zinc; lightweight.
  • Blades made of high carbon steel.
  • Tray hidden in the handle.
  • Includes three blades.
  • Additional protection for fingers’.

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Description and specifications

COVER – made of zinc; lightweight and very durable. Comfortable and ergonomic design of  handle, ended with non-slip rubber, which provides comfort and safety of using. Additional protection for fingers’ injuries during work.
BLADE made of high carbon steel that ensures triple longer endurance.
TRAY hidden in the handle. Includes three blades made of high carbon steel.
Replacement of blades in three easy steps:
  • Push the button to open the chamber with spare blades.
  • Press the button located next to blade to remove the used blade.
  • Hold the button down and put on a new blade.
The knife is ready for use.
  •  Utility knife.
  •  3 cutting edges.
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